Libra Concept Upgrades Its School Management System

Libra Concept Upgrades Its School Management System


The success of any school hinges on its ability to acquire accurate and timely data about its operations and the students. To manage this data effectively, a comprehensive database is needed to use it to analyze and guide its activities.

Libra Concept School Database System (LCSDS) offer schools with a comprehensive school database management system. These easy-to-use database applications is geared towards reducing time spent on administrative tasks and drastically reduce paper work and manual dependencies.

The system is intended to accept, process and generate report accurately, and students can access the system at any point in time, either via mobile or desktop, provided internet facility is available. Also, Principals and school owners can log in and within a second know the exact numbers of registered students in the school.

Therefore, the main objective of this project is to build a rigid and robust integrated student database system that will;

  • Store records of students
  • Give students opportunities to check their results online with the use of the School Scratch Cards
  • Allow both fresh and old students to register online with the use of the school’s Registration Scratch Card
  • Allow students to write their exams online
  • Allow students to send their assignments online to their various teachers
  • Allow teachers to access students’ exams and awards scores
  • Allow parents to follow up on their children, and
  • Allow parents to pay school fees directly online etc


Information plays a vital role in the development and growth of every organization, schools inclusive. From what we’ve seen so far, mostly, various departments of schools manage students’ information independently in their own ways. There are no common, standardized process and program for capturing, processing and storing student’s information. This has kept students information disintegrated in different departments and information provided to the various departments by the students are characterized with discrepancies.

The various departments have systems in place to store and process students’ data but the systems are not able to ‘talk’ to each other (Interoperability). This makes it difficult for schools’ administrators to collate information of students across classes. For instance, if the admin wants information about students with respect to their academic performance urgently, he/she must go to all the classes and collect the required data. On occasions where the teacher supervising a Class is not able to produce the needed information immediately, the business or activity at that particular time would come to a standstill. On the other hand, time is being wasted going round the various departments to solicit data. This situation is very frustrating and impedes smooth operations and decision-making process.

Also, a past student who needs his/her result will have to travel all the way to the school before he/she could access it, because many school  systems are so weak to the extent that it is unable to provide relevant documents online. If a school is well integrated, all a student need is just to get the school’s Result Checking card, log in to his portal, click on check result, scratch the card, enter the PIN, and that’s all! Any result of any class he/she want to print can easily be printed.

It is against this backdrop that we are proposing automated Student Database System to be developed for your school to address the problems catalogued above.

Our software system is free of errors and very efficient and less time consuming due to the care taken to develop it. All the phases of software development cycle are employed and it is worthwhile to state that the system is very robust. Provision is made for future development in the system.

Turnaround time             

If given the ‘go-ahead’, it is estimate that the project can be completed within 2 weeks.


1 WCMS Design/Development (Unlimited page and  bandwidth) 1 Year Free
2 Database development with complete students and teachers’ records Free
3 Scratch cards design, development and printing 1000 each
4 Mobile Apps (Window, BlackBerry, iOS & Android) 150,000 (optional)
5 Yearly maintenance (Excluding the first year) 6 months Free

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