Our History

Our Company

LIBRA CONCEPT is a reputable wholly indigenous professional IT and Printing company, duly incorporated in Nigeria offering a corporate design on website and management, hi-tech printing, corporate promotions including corporate gift items.

2012 Incorporated Integrated Libra Concept was incorporated in 2012 as a corporate entity. Ever since then, we have never look back.
2013 School Management System Designed Libra Concept School Management System was designed. More than 32 schools are using it at the moment. patronage has been wonderful.
2014 Hosppital Database Designed Libra Concept patient database system was designed. At least more than 12 hospitals are using it at the moment.
2015 Partnership Deail Signed We signed partnership deal with a finance company to design a networth calculator for their clients. With this software, people can actually ascertain their actual networth.
June, 2016 Movie Streaming Database Designed Database for movie streaming was designed. This wholly indigenous movie database enables viewers to watch movies with customised cards, ranging from N500 to N2500.
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