Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

Mobility is growing and is expected to further grow due to rapid adoption. Are you ready to seize the opportunity?

Mobile technology has evolved dramatically since the advent of Apple iPhone and iOS platform. All users whether enterprise or otherwise want to be connected all the time. Businesses are now looking to build competitive advantage by expanding the reach of vital business and consumer information to the fingertips of the user.

Libra Concept has a deep understanding of the mobile application development space. We have focused our efforts in the three most popular operating systems and platforms - Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone OS.

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Our Advantage

User Experience: Mobile devices are now becoming the primary form factor being used by the users. Mobile solutions are to not only meet the business requirements but also provide the user experience that will help engage the users to use your solution. ISHIR has built a team of user experience professionals who have a holistic view of business and user equation.

Development: We have a dedicated mobile development lab that has experienced engineers who are on top of the latest technology, methodology and development frameworks to design an user friendly mobile apps while mitigating business complexities and requirements.

Mobile Strategy: Our usability engineers and domain experts will collaborate with you to overall assess your unique business requirements and assist in building a mobility roadmap, roll out strategy, architecture, integration, middleware selection, device testing, support and porting plan.

Enterprise Security: Our experience in mobility goes beyond development to help deploy, manage and support addition devises and provide enterprise class support and managed services to ensure your enterprise remains secure after you support additional form factors.

Get your E-commerce store into an M-commerce App. Easily Build and Manage your M-commerce Store

We specialize in social media application development and have strategically developed a good variety of social media web & Mobile applications for our clients.

Control Sensors over the Cloud. Stay connected with your devices. Instant Alerts & Notifications

We design best utility & productivity mobile apps to make your hectic life a little bit easier, and maybe even more enjoyable.

We help organizations launch great Web and Mobile apps by turning their business ideas into reality

Location based Apps and GPS Technology are the driver for new innovation.

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