School Management System

School Management System

We have the best School Management Database. This system will not only increase the revenue of the school, but will also enhance learning and students’ management.


With this database, new students can register online with customised scratch cards. Once a student is registered, his/her details are stored and used for both results and management. Also, students can submit their assignments from their own portals, students can also write their exams online (both OBJ and theory), students can also check their results online with the use of Scratch Cards.

Not only that, teachers also have their own portals where they can set exams, send assignments, send messages to fellow teachers and also to their students, they can check their class schedules and remind students and parents of events.

Parents are not left out, they can also register to monitor their children’s activities.

For the school owners, there is a ledger system and online payment attached to the database. The ledger is attached to monitor fees and defaulters, while the online payment is integrated to the school’s account detail. With this, parents can easily settle their financial obligations at the comfort of their homes with the use of debit cards (ATM cards inclusive) powered by interswitch.

What of past students? We put them into consideration too, in case they need any of their result, they can easily buy the Result Scratch Cards to print any of their past results from JSS 1 to SSS3!

Everything is almost free, we get our token from the percentage on the scratch cards.

School Management System has never been this easy! More than 20 schools are already using our system. Try us today! Call 2347066664412

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