Sacks Printing

Sacks Printing

Printing from both Nigeria and China (Depending on quantity) we have WPP sacks and FIBC's (Bulk Bags) for a wide range of Industrial, Recycling and Agricultural applications including:

• Woven Polyprop sacks for Aggregates, BOPP Woven for Feeds, Seeds, Chemicals, Foodstuffs, Shellfish, Solid Fuels, Firewood, Metal & Plastic components etc.

• Tonne bags & Builders Bags for bulk loose or powdered products including Helicopter Lifting Bags.

• Kerbside collection sacks for Paper, Cardboard, Glass, Cans, Plastics & Garden Waste.

• Sandbags, Coal Sacks, Hessian Sacks, Net Bags & Planter Bags.

• Bespoke sack manufacturing & 7 colour printing service.

In addition to our capability, we also import over 5 million woven sacks & bulk bags every year from our globally sourced partners at extremely competitive prices – woven bags made & printed to order plus a range of standard sizes held in stock for 24 hour Nigeria delivery. Our promptness enables us to meet virtually any requirement for woven pp sacks & bags.

Libra Concept supply high quality woven polypropylene sacks & Jumbo bags to a wide range of industriesm States and individuals for packing granular products, powders, chemicals, foodstuffs within the Industrial, agricultural, recycling and building trades for packing, storage and transportation.

Below are the summary of our sack production and printing;

  • Woven PP Sacks & Sandbags
  • FIBC (Bulk Bags)
  • Standard Builders Bags
  • Kerbside Recycling
  • Garden Waste Sacks
  • Jute Bags

Our Printing Incentives

Minimum of 5000pcs

We print a minimum of 5000 pieces. But client will have to for plate (rubber stereo) fee. And it could take up to three weeks to 4 weeks for the job to be delivered.

For 10,000 to 20,000 pieces, the same condition is also applocable

Average Quantity
From 20,000 to 49,000 is considered "Average Quantity", the price for printing can come down to as low N100, and can be produced and deliver within 10 working days.

Good Quantity
Good quantities is from 50,000 to 100,000 and the price can come down below N100, and delivery can be within 15 working days.

Better Quantity
Better quantities start from 101,000 to 200,000. On this, client to not need to pay for Plate (Rubber Stereo) as the mode of printing is different and faster than the rest. The price can also be far lower than N100.

Premium Quantity
Premium quantity starts from 200,000 and above, The package is the best!

If we have not worked for you before, you can give us a LPO for your job. We will source for money to do your job, you can pay us after confirming the quantity of our product.

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